Gas Choice & Electric Choice Programs

Most states in the United States, beginning in the 1990’s have become deregulated for natural gas, meaning consumers and business owners can shop and compare natural gas suppliers among competing companies, rather than being obligated to receive service from an ‘assigned’ utility.

As with electricity deregulation, nothing about the supply, transmission or distribution of natural gas has changed for the customers in deregulated areas. Because of this seamless transition (at least from the consumer’s point of view), it lets us focus on shopping suppliers for their merits, the value of their services, reliability and of course, price.

Programs such as Gas Choice help to perpetuate awareness about gas deregulation and enable customers to easily compare natural gas prices, plans, rates and services and switch to an alternative gas supplier if they so desire. Many free consulting services are offered to guide consumers through the process and help business owners save money on their utility costs.

Written by Gas Choice

Gas Choice is publishes energy news related to natural gas, with a focus on competitive choice in deregulated U.S. markets.

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