New Developments Make Saving Money on Your Commercial Natural Gas Possible

What’s New? Until recently, Texas commercial customers have not had an option to receive natural gas supply from anyone except their local utility. Centerpoint and Atmos have finally updated their rate classes which allow customers to choose a competitive third party supplier for their natural gas. While there are still requirements and limitations, this is good news for many Texas commercial consumers. With increased options for customers and more supplier participation than ever before, we are able to offer numerous options to commercial natural gas customers in Texas. Customers may even have the option of bundling their natural gas with their electricity which would allow additional energy savings.

Who is Eligible: Commercial customers spending at least $1500 a month on natural gas are possible candidates to choose their natural gas supplier. Residential and smaller commercial customers are still not able to switch away as their usage is too low for them to save money.

What you Need to get Started: Give us a call at (800) 977-4020 or send us an email. You will be assigned an experienced energy consultant to work with you personally. We may ask you to complete a Letter of Authorization (LOA) or to send us one or more bill copies for your facility. These documents give us the data necessary to have your account custom-priced. We will then initiate a pricing event where numerous providers bid against each other to offer you the lowest rate. A telemetry device and a designated phone line must be installed at the meter, but even with these investments a return on investment can be recouped through the energy savings in as little as a year, depending on usage and current market rates. We also have programs available to finance the cost of the hardware.

Do I Have to be in Texas to Save Money on my Natural Gas? Absolutely not! We work in almost every deregulated market to help our clients manage their energy procurement. Give us a call at (800) 977-4020. We will assess your options and get you the best rates for your facility.

Written by Nathan

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  1. Rafael

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